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2022 custom hay baling rates

and MORE! Text Pamela at 423-646-6658 for a quote and special pricing. We would love to help plan your special day! We will put together a custom package / quote depending on your needs! Please check out our Facebook Page "The Stickley Farm" to view some of our past events. CLICK HERE TO BOOK PARTY.

The survey was conducted in 2020, and was expanded to include more custom operations and equipment rentals than the previous versions. The 2020 Custom Rate Guide, release in April 2021 replaces the 2017 version. The new custom rate guide. Copies of the new guide can also be obtained from the Extension Crawford County Office at 608-326-0223. "A small square bale of alfalfa hay was baled in the rain with extra high dosage rates of Culbac® Hay inoculant preservative applied on 18 June, 2010. 4/5 lb per ton or 12.8 ounces per ton hay application. On 2 July 2010, 2 weeks later, the bale tested 35% moisture and was still cool to the touch and a pleasant odor.".

Also, if there is anyone looking for hay, the have about 1000 bales of hay that is a couple of seasons old they'll let go for about $3 a bale. And, they have another 1000 or so bales from last season for about $6.

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Custom round hay baling for the 2022 Summer season. New Vermeer 504 R round baler (dry only) making min size 4'x'4' bales up to max 4'x5'. Net wrap or twine. Serving Portage Co, may travel farther depending on volume/acres. Bale volume discount, newer dependable equipment. 25 years experience baling round bales. Custom Hay Work 2022 + - $1 (SE Nebraska) Custom Hay Work 2022 +. -. $1. (SE Nebraska) LOOKING FOR hay ground to rent or do shares on. Will do cash rent, split the crop, etc. Also provide custom hay from start to finish! Swathing, raking and baling.

16' Hay Elevator Base Unit. The basic unit comes in two 8′ pieces that easily go together. The 16′ unit needs a half horse power motor (sold separately). From there you can add 4′ or 8′ sections to make the conveyor as long as you need. Once you get to 24 feet in length you'll want to increase your motor to a 3/4 horse which we also.

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